5 Cities Much Hotter Than Orlando- Florida

Published: 23rd September 2010
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As summer wraps up in Central Florida and fall weather sinks injh, a may be hard to imagine places on Earth where the temperature was more unbearable than it was in Orlando. But even as we were baking away in the South Florida sun and getting the most out of our air conditioners, others were suffering unbearable heat. Letís look at 5 different places around the globe that feature more extreme heat than Orlando, Florida.

1. Dallol, Ethiopia: Dallol is a small, sparsely populated, settlement in Northern Ethiopia that currently holds the record for the hottest high average temperature on Earth. The temperature on most days hovers around 106 degrees and highs over 118 arenít uncommon. It shouldnít shock you then to learn that the latest census information describes the area as a Ďghost town.í With almost no access to air conditioning in the area, these temperatures make a hot day in Central Florida seem like a day in the snow.

2. Timbuktu, Mali: Many of us have heard the city ĎTimbuktuí in catchy phrases and descriptions of faraway places but this city in Mali is also famous for its scorching temperatures. With a recorded high of over 130 degrees, Timbuktu is one of the hottest places in the world. A population of more than 40,000 people fights the summer heat with clothing designed to fend off the worst of the weather. In the month of May, average highs of 108 degrees are not uncommon. Even the winter months of December and January feature highs into the 90s.

3. Kebili, Tunisia: Kebili is a small desert town with a population around 18,000. These brave souls face heat waves with temperatures in excess of 131 degrees. Because the history of Kebili dates back more than 200,000 years, many of the local inhabitants have passed along methods designed to survive these unbearably hot days. Locals stockpile water and work hard to maintain a relatively constant body temperature.

4. Ghadames, Libya: Seven clans, with a total population of roughly 7,000, populate the Libyan oasis of Ghadames. Tied with Kebili, this city has the second hottest recorded temperature in modern times, checking in at 131 degrees. The locals stay cool in specially made houses constructed out of mud and palm tree trunks. As with nearly every other city on this list, these folks, for the most part, donít enjoy the luxury of air conditioning. On days when itís hot enough to fry an egg on your rooftop, Iím sure many Ghadames residents would love to spend a day in the Central Florida heat.

5. Death Valley, U.S.A: Death Valley is a section of the Mojave Desert near the border of California and Nevada. This location also happens to be the hottest spot in the United States. Record temperatures near 134 degrees often spark wildfires that cause widespread damage. Death Valley features such radical temperatures because of its landscape and depth. At more than 280 feet below sea level, the sunlight penetrates the desert sand, heating everything around it. In 2001, the temperature in Death Valley was above 100 degrees for 154 consecutive days!

Another summer may be behind us here in Central Florida but the next is always on the horizon. Crums Climate Control works hard to keep you cool in the summer and warm on those days when the temperature veers in the opposite direction. Still, even on the hottest of days, remember, there are many places where the temperatures are more unbearable.

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